Floer Lectures Spring 2013
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Floer Lectures Spring 2013


Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20, 2013

All talks are in building HZO, room HZO 60, Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Travel information and Plan of the University.



Speaker: Prof. Dr. Kai Cieliebak (Universität Augsburg)

Title: Rabinowitz Floer Homology

Abstract: Floer's original homology is the semi-infinite dimensional Morse homology of the action functional of classical mechanics, whose critical points are periodic orbits of a Hamiltonian system of fixed period. Rabinowitz Floer homology is a variant of this construction based on the Rabinowitz action functional, whose critical points are periodic orbits of fixed energy. It turns out to be closely related to dynamical questions such as stability and Mane's critical values, as well as to questions in contact and symplectic topology.


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alexander F. Ritter (University of Oxford)

Title: Floer theory for negative line bundles

Abstract: Let E be a negative line bundle over a symplectic manifold. I will explain how the Gromov-Witten theory determines the symplectic cohomology of E. I will then talk about joint work with Ivan Smith on how the symplectic cohomology determines the wrapped Fukaya category when E is a negative line bundle over projective space. More concretely, this involves the existence of a non-displaceable monotone Lagrangian torus in E.


Schedule of talks


Friday, April 19





15:15 - 16:15

Kai Cieliebak

Rabinowitz Floer Homology I

16:15 - 17:15

Tea/Coffee break
(in NA 1/58)


17:15 - 18:15

Alexander F. Ritter

Floer theory for negative line bundles I


Saturday, April 20



Alexander F. Ritter

 Floer theory for negative line bundles II

10:15 - 11:15

Tea/Coffee break
(in NA 1/58)


11:15 - 12:15

Kai Cieliebak Rabinowitz Floer Homology II


There is no formal registration, but please send an email to Frau Hannes so that we can estimate the number of participants.
Please also indicate whether you want to join us for dinner on April 19.


Park Inn - conveniently located next to central station, large rooms, but not cheap (ca 85 Euro incl. breakfast)).

Oekey - good and good price - between university and station on the U35 line (ca 57 incl. breakfast)

Ibis City und Ibis Zentrum - next to central station, small rooms, good price but nothing special - Ibis Zentrum is probably a bit more quiet (ca 65 incl. breakfast).

Art Hotel Tucholsky in the "Bermuda triangle" (party mile), that is, can be noisy at night, but if you reserve a room to the back yard it's very fine, art hotel with funny accessoires - great breakfast, probably the most interesting hotel in the list (ca. 75 Euros incl. breakfast)

Jugendherberge (youth hostel) Bochum again in the "Bermuda triangle", it is supposed to be very good and has differnet kinds of rooms (ca. 62 Euros for single rooms incl. breakfast)

For assistance please contact Elke Hannes.


Organizers: Alberto Abbondandolo