Floer Lectures 2015
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                                     FLOER LECTURES 2015

                                          JUNE 25-26, 2015 (BOCHUM)


We are delighted to have Yakov Eliashberg (Stanford University) and Hansjörg Geiges (Cologne University) as our two speakers. They will each give two talks.

This is a workshop hosted by the Floer Center of Geometry and financially supported by SFB TR-12.




16.15-17.15 H. Geiges - "Topological aspects of Reeb dynamics I"

17:15-17.45 Coffee break

17.45-18.45 Y. Eliashberg - “Towards the frontier of symplectic flexibility I”



16.15-17.15 Y. Eliashberg - “Towards the frontier of symplectic flexibility II”

17:15-17.45 Coffee break

17.45-18.45 H. Geiges - "Topological aspects of Reeb dynamics II"


Talks will take place in room NA 01/99, which is on the ground floor of the Mathematics Department (building NA).

Coffee breaks will take place in the Friedrich-Sommer Raum NA 1/58, which is on the first floor up of the same building.

Dinner: there will be a group dinner on the Thursday evening at Yamas mezé Restaurant, Massenbergstr. 1, 44787 Bochum. Please send an email to Frau Dzwigoll (ursula.dzwigoll@rub.de) or to Barney Bramham (barney.bramham@rub.de) if you think you will join. 


H. Geiges - "Topological aspects of Reeb dynamics"

In my lectures I shall review joint work with Kai Zehmisch on Reeb dynamics, concerning the interplay between topology and the existence of periodic Reeb orbits. The emphasis will lie on surgical constructions and cobordism-theoretic aspects.                                     

Y. Eliashberg - “Towards the frontier of symplectic flexibility”

Flexible and rigid methods coexisted in symplectic and contact topology since its inception more than 30 years ago.
Till recently rigid methods (Gromov’s theory of holomorphic curves, Floer homology etc) dominated the development of the subject. However, in the last 3 years several new unexpected discoveries were made on the flexible side.
In the lectures I will describe the history  of the struggle between symplectic rigidity and flexibility, which shaped the development of the subject, and will describe the recent advances in symplectic flexibility.

Anyone is welcome to attend!

There is no formal registration, but please send an email to Frau Dzwigoll (ursula.dzwigoll@rub.de) or Barney Bramham (barney.bramham@rub.de) so that we can estimate the number of participants. Everyone is welcome to join us for a dinner on the Thursday evening.



Here are some of the hotels in Bochum, please contact Frau Dzwigoll if you would like assistance with booking a room.

Park Inn - conveniently located next to central station, large rooms, but not cheap (ca 85 Euro incl. breakfast)).

Oekey - good and good price - between university and station on the U35 line (ca 57 incl. breakfast)

Ibis City und Ibis Zentrum - next to central station, small rooms, good price but nothing special - Ibis Zentrum is probably a bit more quiet (ca 65 incl. breakfast).

Art Hotel Tucholsky in the "Bermuda triangle" (party mile), that is, can be noisy at night, but if you reserve a room to the back yard it's very fine, art hotel with funny accessoires - great breakfast, probably the most interesting hotel in the list (ca. 75 Euros incl. breakfast)

Jugendherberge (youth hostel) Bochum again in the "Bermuda triangle", it is supposed to be very good and has differnet kinds of rooms (ca. 62 Euros for single rooms incl. breakfast)

General directions including a map of the campus can be found here.

For assistance or questions please contact Ursula Dzwigoll or Barney Bramham .


 We hope to see you there!


Organizers: Alberto Abbondandolo and Barney Bramham.