FCG Festive Colloquium December 7 2011
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Festive Colloquium on the occasion of the opening of the FCG

Helmut Hofer

Stefan Nemirovski

Andrew Ranicki

The opening of the FCG is celebrated with a festive colloquium on December 07 2011 in the Veranstaltungszentrum of the RUB. At 2 pm there is a celebration of the graduates of the faculty with coffee and tee. The opening of the Floer Centre starts at 3 pm. The main speakers are Helmut Hofer (Princeton), Stefan Nemirovski (Steklov) and Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh). (Unfortunately, S. Novikov had to decline his talk for health reasons.) The talks will be continued on the following day. A detailed program can be found here. The event is financially supported by the DFG GRK 1150 and the Research School RUB, especially since it addresses graduate students and young post-docs.